Please recommend soundcard and software - for multitrack home recording - entry - mid level

Please recommend soundcard and software - for multitrack home recording - entry - mid level

Post by jaschwart » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 23:48:43

I have a new PC with plenty of RAM and want to start doing multitrack

I will usually be recording no more than a couple tracks
simultaneously. I want to be able to mix it down on the PC and burn
to a CD. For software, I want something that's reasonably intuitive
to operate, and want to be able to use effects (plugins?) and would
really like to able to add/program drums with the software. Also,
guitar amp modeler type software would be nice, but not necessary.

I want to stay under $500 for the card the software and a mic preamp,
if needed. And, I want to keep it simple - I don't want to mix and
match a lot of stuff.

Thanks -

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2. Recommendation needed: Multitrack Soundcard for use with WM Encoder

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a multitrack soundcard for using with
Windows Media Encoder. I've been looking at AudioTrak's Maya 1010
( ) which goes for about 400 USD
here in Argentina. We want to record as many mono analog signals as
possible, by using several Windows Media Encoder instances, so as to
optimize the boards and PCs capability.

Has anyone use this or any other multitrack soundcard for this
purpouse? What is the maximun number of different mono signals that
you've been able to encode with a single card?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you may provide. Cheers!

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