Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Post by mtl77 » Tue, 01 May 2007 07:07:14

Hi Arny:

I've been to your site,, and have seen your tests results
on the Delta 1010. I've been testing my Delta 1010 myself using RMAA
5.5 in loopback tests, but my test results are coming out way poorer
than yours. Is this due to the different version of RMAA that I'm
using -- 5.5 -- probably it is more stringent in its scoring?

What I really wanted to know in these tests is whether the use of a
high quality external clock source (Mytek Stereo96 ADC) improves the
performance of my 1010. So I compared loopback tests of using the
internal clock vs S/PDIF sync vs word clock sync at 44.1K, 48K and
96K: %20Tests/Delta%201010%20Loopback/Comparison%2044K/Comparison%2044K.htm %20Tests/Delta%201010%20Loopback/Comparison%2048K/Comparison%2048K.htm %20Tests/Delta%201010%20Loopback/Comparison%2096K/Comparison%2096K.htm

I also posted this question at: :920

However, the results do not show much differences. Someone posting at
the RightMark forum was of the opinion that a loopback test is not
really adequate to show differences, but I'm not an expert to tell
whether that's true or not. What do you think? I'm seeing that you
are using mostly loopback tests in your soundcard comparisons, so I
tend to disbelieve what that poster said.

BTW, what do you think of the quality of the SPDIF input of the 1010?
Is it accurate? How accurate is it? I'm recording the digital output
of my Mytek ADC into the 1010 via SPDIF and am wondering if I'm
getting accurate transfers.

Lastly, I guess you already know about the issue of the Delta 1010 not
being able to sync properly to an external clock at 44.1K sample rate
using BNC word clock connection (my 44.1K test results bear this
out). Someone said this is due to a defect in the "clock management
circuit." Where is this circuit located -- in the PCI card or in the
break-out box?

Your reply, or anyone else who would like to chime in with their
ideas, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot! :-)

Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Post by Arny Krueg » Tue, 01 May 2007 07:17:31

I don't think so. RMA hasn't changed that much.

Did you run your tests with the switches set to +4 or -10?

Your results look like -10 was set.

IME yes.

Bit perfect.

Typically, the results will be grotesquely horrible because you have
clocking problems, or they will be as good as the source. Sounds like you're
not having any severe problems, so you are good.

Good question - I've heard of the problem but never investigated it. My
Delta 1010 is located at a remote site, so I don't mess with it very much.


Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Post by JBorg, J » Tue, 01 May 2007 08:35:15

No, the defect isn't due to that.

The defect is and was can still be found inside the head of
Arnie Krueger.

No sweat.

Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Post by mtl77 » Wed, 02 May 2007 05:43:04

I ran my tests at +4 setting for both input and output. I used
balanced TRS cables for the loopback from Hw Out 5/6 to Hw In 5/6. In
Delta's Patchbay Router, I patched Wave Out 5/6 to Hw Out 5/6. In the
Monitor Mixer, I pulled down to zero the slider of Wave Out 5/6 to
avoid feedback so I was only monitoring the sound coming into Hw In
5/6. In RightMark's Adjust I/O Level window, RightMark was showing a
signal level of 2 dB and said it was OK (should be near 1 dB). What
could have I done wrong?

That's good to know!

I'm getting good results with the SPDIF input, just wasn't sure if it
was bit perfect.

Thanks a lot! :-)

Questions for Arny Krueger Delta 1010 Tests

Post by mtl77 » Wed, 02 May 2007 16:49:14

> ........ RightMark was showing a

Sorry, that should have been "-2 dB ...... (should be near -1 dB)."