scratchy sound

scratchy sound

Post by Neal » Wed, 17 Nov 2004 00:13:21

Recently my sound what to hell. It is distorted and scratchy. There is
even a loud crack noise when I first start Windows or when it is at the
shutdown screen. Nothing I do seems to fix it. My WinXP Home Edition SP2
system has a Realtek AC97 integrated soundcard. It sounds fine in Linux,
so I know that is not the problem. Even changing to a Soundblaster
LiveLS did not change anything. I have shutdown the integrated soundcard
then uninstalled the Realtek AC97 software and drivers. When done I
restarted the soundcard in the BIOS and reinstalled the drivers. No
change. I can't see formatting since that is a last resort and a pain in
the butt. I could use a suggestion or two.


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