Soundblaster Live Issues

Soundblaster Live Issues

Post by dm10020 » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:51:44


I have an Abit KT7A motherboard with an Athlon CPU and I currently
have a Soundblaster Live installed. I've had this soundcard for about
4-5 years and have had no problems until the past week or so. I've
noticed that the sound will sporatically cut out from one channel to
the other channel without any notice. Furthermore, if the computer has
been on for a long period of time (about 8 hours or more) then
everytime a sound is played there is a high pitched screeching noise
coming from the speakers. I have checked the audio cable connections
several times, I have tried reinstalling the Creative drivers from
their website. I am wondering if my Soundblaster is on its death bed
or not? Or is there another cause to the problem that I can check?

Here are my system specs if they are of any help:

Case: Standard ATX case with 350/w AMD certified power supply (110v)
Motherboard: Abit KT7A NON-RAID
CPU: Athlon 1200Mhz
Hard Drive: 120 gig Western Digital 7200rpm 8 meg cache
Video: PNY Geforce4 Ti4200
Ethernet card: SMC EZ1211TX PCI
CDROM: 52x I/O Magic
CDRW: 52x24x252x Lite-on
Floppy drive: standard 3.5"
Keyboard: 104-key PS/2
Mouse: Logitech Optical USB mouse
Printer: Canon S750
Scanner: Epson Perfection 600U
Monitor: Viewsonic VX900 LCD
Soundcard: Soundblaster Live Value (Driver
UPS: APC 400va UPS
Cable modem: Toshiba PCX1100U (RoadRunner)
*** : Philips *** with microphone

Btw, the sound is connected through the pre-amp to my stereo system,
thus there are no computer speakers involved in the setup. However, I
can connect headphones to the soundcard directly and the problem still

Thanks for the help,


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STOP : FAILED (0x80070057 - WINERR_One or more
arguments are invalid ) - CreateSoundBuffer(0x8bf05ca8:
Channel, 0Hz, 0bps))

However, when I disable SBLive, then the game runs
normally, but without sound, of course. Is there any patch
that will fix this problem so that I can play the game with
the sound enabled? I find it absolutely outrageous that I
can't get this product to do what is minimally expected of
it; i.e., to run as it should, with full sound. What good
is a game of this type without sound?!

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