SW1000XG not responding to MIDI volume from Kenton Control Freak

SW1000XG not responding to MIDI volume from Kenton Control Freak

Post by Les Hewit » Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:39:06

I've been using my Yamaha SW1000XG for years now, with no major hassles
until recently. The trouble is that XG Works no longer responds to MIDI
volumes from my Kenton Control Freak. I've had a new graphics card fitted
recently (because my motherboard's onboard graphics wouldn't let me display
True Colour (32bit) at 1280 x 1024) and I think that may be when the trouble

If anyone has an idea what may be going on I'd be grateful to know.


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I have a clean install of Vista home premium. I updated all my drivers.
But when I want to install some games or other software, it goes until the
middle of the process or so, but then everithing freezes. And I see the
message like: "Windows explorer not responding", or "Volume E: not
responding". And its not just software, when I try to read or copy some data
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