Thanks mawg: SoundBlaster 16 wav files get stuck in W98SE

Thanks mawg: SoundBlaster 16 wav files get stuck in W98SE

Post by No Spa » Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:12:39

If "mawg" and Bill T are still around, I just wanted to say thanks for
an old post (4/5/03) that helped me fix my SB64-gold IRQ conflict (which
manifested itself as: "a wav file begins to play, but quits after about
1/10 of a second. After that, other wav files cause a
message stating that the sound card may be in use. When I go to the
volume indicator for wav files, the indicator to the right of the
volume slide shows something "stuck" there.")

mawg recommened: "IRQ 9 is not a good interrupt for a sound card. It can
conflict with IRQ 2 because they're essentially the same IRQ.
I think this is more of a problem with Win 95/98 than with Win 2000/XP.
If your SB16 is the old ISA type, it should probably be on either
IRQ 5 or IRQ 7. If it's the PCI type, just move it off of IRQ 9."

I moved it to 7 like Bill T did and it works! Thanks so much.
I wasted about 3 hours uninstalling and re-installing drivers, swaping
sound cards, etc. FYI, a SB16, SB32, and SB64 were all exhibiting the
same problem, so I at least figured out it wasn't the sound card, but I
never would have thought to change the IRQ when no conflicts were being
reported, and I wouldn't have thought to use the same IRQ as the printer.

-- Mark

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I'm trying to handle 16-bit .WAV format audio files. I've started
with the code below (from I can successfully
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However, I can't manage to write the samples, I always seem to get 32
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# NB: This is an 8-bit stereo .wav file. If it had a different
# sample size, such as 16-bits, we would need to convert the
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# calling Numeric.fromstring(Data,Numeric.Int16)"LoudLeft.wav","rb")"QuietLeft.wav","wb")
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# Take every other frame to get just the left side. And,
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