Use of sound card causing crashes

Use of sound card causing crashes

Post by John Wilso » Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:02:47

Im am not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes

Any program that uses the onboard sound card sooner or later crashes win98
and a hard reboot is the only way to get going again. Flash player does not
seem to cause this trouble.

This is what I have

AMIBIOS Motherboard Manufacturer Identification
Version 2.0 (06/30/2003) Copyright 2003 American Megatrends, Inc.

This file has recorded information useful in identifying the manufacturer
of this motherboard. The information is listed below:

An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:
- ---- ------ ------
| | | |
| | | Chipset/BIOS Info
| | BIOS Build Date
| Manufacturer ID
BIOS ROM Information
BIOS Build Date: Jul 15 1995
Motherboard Manufacturer Code: 0000

AMIBIOS Build Tag: 1V133001
AMIBIOS Project ID: 1V133001

For more information on upgrading your BIOS go to
SMBIOS info:
Manufacturer : Micro-Star Inc.
Product Name : MS-6309
Version : 2.0
Serial Number: 00000000

AMIDIAG Suite tests and diagnoses every hardware subsystem on your PC!
A professional tool for developers, manufacturers and technicians.
Go to for more information on AMIDiag.

TIA, John

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2. Having issues using onboard sound+sound card

I have been using onboard sound (AC97) for a few months without a problem.
Yesterday, I picked up a sound card and installed it, wanting to have both
the onboard and the sound card work at the same time. I'm currently doing
this type of thing on another PC I have.

However, when I install the PCI card, my onboard sound is no longer
accessible, even though its still listed as Enabled in the BIOS. When I
remove/uninstall the PCI card, the onboard shows up again and works again.

It seems that I can only have 1 sound source on my PC! However, I have both
of them setup fine on my other PC.

Both PCs are running WinXP Pro with SP2 and all major updates done.
The PC with the problem is:
AMD Athlon64
1024 PC3200 ram
Asus K8VSE Delux motherboard
the new PCI card being installed is a C-Media card, very basic.

I have searched all over and cannot find a way to get it to work. Is there
some sort of flag/setting I need to do to allow me to use two sound sources
at once??

Many many thanks!

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