Waveterminal 192L and noise

Waveterminal 192L and noise

Post by Tom Len » Wed, 17 Aug 2005 01:57:47

I installed this PCI card into a computer with an EPOX motherboard. It has a
750MHz AMD CPU. At seemingly random times the signal gets noisy, whether I'm
playing something back or recording. For example I am trying to record some
voice from cassette tape. Much of the recording comes out OK but every once
in a while the noise starts. It's kind of like a static noise that follows
the signal. If I look at the wave, instead of seeing nice smooth lines, the
peaks and valleys look eroded, like some sort of clipping or something. I'm
sure it's not clipping because the signal coming into my PC from the
cassette player is very low.

I've tried all kinds of things to eliminate the noise; new drivers
all-round, turning off this and that in BIOS, different PCI slots, etc.

When I'm playing a good recording, say a CD or something, and that noise
starts, I can get it to go away by stopping the playback and resetting the
card. Does that tell me that the card is the problem, or could it just as
well be my PC?

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