Best sound card for MP3 to stereo?

Best sound card for MP3 to stereo?

Post by Pell » Wed, 02 Jun 2010 17:51:52

Hey guys,

I am currently thinking about a solution to deliver MP3 from a network
to my stereo. I think my way would be to place a mini-PC next to my
stereo (no noise required) use WinVNC to control it over the network
and have it play MP3 with something commonly available (like WinAMP).
I want to feed the output to my amplifier and use it as a normal
stereo device.
As I have already hinted, there'll be no surround-sound and tit-tat.
Just plain old stereo, with a desire for nice quality, since I like to
listen to classical music just as well. However I don't have a 10k+ US
$ stereo, so it doesn't need to be the ultimate solution. I'm thinking
about something in the range of 100-200US$ for the soundcard or
similar device. Also, since I'll be able to set up only a mini-PC,
this sound-card should be compatible with case-dimensions. For all I
have seen so far, there is typically one PCIE slot available in those
In another place, AI (Audio Interface) were recommended for a slightly
different requirement, so I'd be more than happy if someone could shed
some light on this technology as well.

Well... you could do me a great favour if you can get me started on
this topic. I know quite a bit about computers and stuff, though I
haven't followed recent hardware-development. But it should be enough
to fill that part of my setup.

Thanks in advance!

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I have been working on reproducing the TDX Stereo Sound card using the
FAQ information as well as the slight modification using a quad amp as
already outlined by Polymorph.

My next stage is to get from breadboard and on to PCB in some form via
copper board etc. I am contemplating taking this further and actually
to get this fabricated and offer them back to the community at cost
for component and manufacture etc (i am not doing this to make money
lol). I still have things to sort out in terms of cable placements
etc, but i want to gauge interest if anyone would actually be after
one. I kinda reckon it will come to something like 0 - 0 for a
card....not really sure tbh.

If anyone is interested drop me a reply so i can see if its really
worth me getting them made etc.

If anyone has any other improvements to the TDX/Polymorph version then
drop me a note and I will try and encompass it into the card.

You can follow my progress at


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