Audigy LS - Line-in problem

Audigy LS - Line-in problem

Post by jimdep » Tue, 29 Jun 2004 01:34:27

I do home recording and rely on a stereo line-in jack for the sound

I upgraded to a Audigy LS and cannot get a stereo signal through the
I'm getting mono only. My CD's, DVD's etc, get stereo playback no
but I can't get a stereo signal from any external source.

I've tried my stereo keyboards, stereo boom-box etc. and not getting
the stereo signal into the sound card.
My 5 year-old SoundFusion card had no problem.

Please help.


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I purchased the above sound card and one spec I liked said that I could hook
my headphones directly into the card. Right now, I have to plug them into
the speaker which works but is awkward. I can't find a place on the jacks
now that it is installed to plug my headphones into. This is what the help
disk says about where to plug them in:

Stereo headphones (32-ohm load) support on Front Line-Out

On the FRONT line-out? What does this mean? Only the back of the card
sticks out or what am I missing? Thanks for any help provided.

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