DOS program compatibility with DOS Merge

DOS program compatibility with DOS Merge

Post by Louis Ohla » Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:09:30

Folks, this is for 1.2.1, so it may be better supported.

Compatibility: The following DOS application software products operate
with the Access program:

 Multimate Advantage II
 dBase III Plus
 The Print Shop
 The Print Shop Graphics Library
 Sidekick, Version 1.5
 Turbo Pascal, Version 3
 Turbo Pascal, Version 4
 Turbo Prolog
 Turbo Graphix Toolbox
 GEM Draw Plus
 GEM Collection
 DisplayWrite 4
 BASICA, Version 3.3
 Lotus 1-2-3, Version 2.01
 WordStar Professional
 MS Windows, Version 1.03
 MS MASM, Version 5.0
 MS Quick C, Version 5.0
 MS Flight Simulator
 Webster's Spelling Check
 Ventura Publisher, Release 1.1.

Other DOS application software products can also operate with the Access
program provided they do not interfere with the normal functions of the
system configuration. Interference occurs when programs do any of the

 Overlay the DOS or BIOS area of storage

 Program the 8259 interrupt controller in a way that interferes with
the Access program's use of that controller

 Disable interrupts, fail to issue an end-of-interrupt or IRET on a
hardware interrupt level, or mask selected interrupt levels for more
than 100 milliseconds

 Use interrupts 13, 25, or 26 for access to the virtual disk

 Configure hardware device registers that belong to the network
hardware used by the Access program

 Make incorrect use of timer interrupts

 Open more than 127 files (that is, require the presence in the
config.sys file of a files command with a value greater than 127)

 Use memory not assigned to them by the operating system.

The Access program can store DOS files on the host AIX system's fixed-disk
drives. This virtual drive allows DOS to interface with the AIX system as
if the AIX host were a fixed-disk drive.

You can use most DOS commands with files that the Access program stores on
the AIX host. However, since AIX handles all disk-management functions
for the virtual drive, the following DOS commands cannot be used for the
virtual drive:


Unpredictable results can occur if you issue one of these commands for the
virtual drive or a file on the virtual drive.

1. nested loops: '; done ; done' vs. '; done done'

2. Dos partition / logical dos drive / extended dos partition

(To the "W98 Guy" and the "who where" guy: I have unsuccessfully been
Googeling to find out what the difference is between the referenced terms. I
have also been looking at MSDN. So please don't respond with your bullshit
like previously.)

My question is:

(1) What do the referenced terms mean?
(1.a.) "Dos Partition"
(1.b.) "Logical Dos Drive"
(1.c.) "Extended Dos Partition"

(2) I want to partition a second hard disk, which will only be containing
data. I do not want to subdivide it into several disks, I just want e.g.
I believe that I should select "Create a Dos Partition" for that purpose and
not Create Extended DOS Partition. Would you please confirm that is ok?

Alternatively: If you have a reference to an explication of these terms. I
would be very pleased to have it.

Many thanks,


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