DOS versions in AIX 1.3 merge and DR-DOS 6.0

DOS versions in AIX 1.3 merge and DR-DOS 6.0

Post by Louis Ohla » Mon, 22 Dec 2003 01:02:12

From: Tony Ingenoso (tonyi@******.net)
Subject: Re: The evil empire
Date: 2000/01/11

"BTW, IBM *twice* evaluated adopting DR-DOS and dropping the traditional
IBM/MS code base. I instigated the second evaluation, and ultimately
had to recommend against because of what the eval results turned out to
be (missing API's, missing/incomplete internal data structures,
incompatible command line switches and utility operation etc...) It
would have taken us years to whip that code base into what we would have
considered to be a shippable product comparable with DOS 5's in terms of

DR-DOS crashed hard about 1/3 of the way through my DOS kernel unit wasn't pretty (and the test adapted itself to whatever version
the OS reported, 3.3 in DR-DOS 6's case, so I wasn't hitting it with 4.X
or 5.X API's in the test)"

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