WTB: PS/2E Floppy Cable (was: WTB: PS/2E floppy)

WTB: PS/2E Floppy Cable (was: WTB: PS/2E floppy)

Post by Martin Ett » Thu, 17 Nov 2005 03:03:42

Assumption confirmed. It's definitely the floppy cable :-(

Nope, the don't; and IBM Germany hasn't either.
I had even no luck with several online dealers which claimed to
have the cable.

Any idea where to get a cable?

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2. PS/2E as a DSL/Cable modem router & WLAN access point?

Hi there,

I'm back again and finally online. Pulled the mighty E out
of the packing case last week and thought it'd might give a good
DSL/Cable Modem router.
Will this little guy be powerful enough to handle 4 MBit bandwith?
Anyone tried setting up NAT/Firewall under FreeBSD with this one
I have 2 PCMCIA network cards already and a 256 MB CF card, which,
with an adapter, will replace the HD.
Also I'm thinking about populating the 4th slot with a WLAN card,
most likely an ancient Lucent WaveLAN so the E can serve as an access
point for my Macintoshes as well. Will the card physically fit in one
of the front slots or do I have to worry about the builtin antenna of
the card taking up too much space?


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