P4 thermal sensors problem

P4 thermal sensors problem

Post by Tomisla » Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:45:26


I am not certain if I have a problem with thermal sensors on CPU which
is P4 HT on 3GHz (Northwood) on motherboard (which is Abit IC7).

Sometimes, regardless of where I read temperature data from (BIOS,
software in Windows or Linux), temperature is 0 degrees. And curious,
when I remove the heatsink and put it together, turn machine on and
temperature is measured 50 degrees again (which was always normal
operating temperature when CPU is not heavily loaded). Next time when I
switch machine on temperature is indicated 0 degrees again !

What is the problem ?



P4 thermal sensors problem

Post by CJT » Sat, 26 Jan 2008 11:16:19

The heat sink is shorting the sensor.

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