Need some help with using Intel Application Accelerator

Need some help with using Intel Application Accelerator

Post by Warre » Sat, 31 Jul 2004 10:54:31

I've been having trouble trying to figure out why my PC won't play DVD

One issue that a number of sites have told me is to ensure that DMA is
enabled on my DVD_ROM drive (for that matter all devices including hard
drives). When I go into Device Manager, there is no entry available for
enabling DMA. I then read that if you have Intel Application Accelerator
(IAA) it hides the entry for DMA in Device Manager. I then go into IAA and
it seems that all devices (hard drives & dvd-rom) are configured for UDMA-2.
Is it possible that this is the source of my problems and I should be
manually forcing all devices to operate at DMA MW-2? Or should I disable
IAA all together, and if so how do you do that?

I'm running Win 98SE on a P4 2GHz Intel machine. I mention this because IAA
was not around when Win98SE was developed and perhaps I shouldn't be running

I'm asking questions because I'm a computer novice and can't afford to be
rebuilding my computer because I messed around with something I shouldn't.
I've ruled out software as a possible problem because I've tried three
different DVD players and they all don't work.

Need some help with using Intel Application Accelerator

Post by David Schw » Sat, 31 Jul 2004 12:54:49

Could you be much more specific. What happens when you try to play them?
Do you have DVD playing software?

UDMA-2 should be fine.

Either way, you can run or not run IAA and there are plenty of arguments
on both sides. My personal preference is not to run IAA just because it's
another thing that might go wrong. Assuming that the standard Microsoft
drivers are able to get your maximum DMA mode (which they do now on every
combination of devices I know of), so there's no point anymore. IAA was
originally developed when the Microsoft drivers weren't able to.

Don't work how? Garbled output? Slow output? They fail to recognize the
DVD entirely? Please be much more specific.



Need some help with using Intel Application Accelerator

Post by Warre » Mon, 02 Aug 2004 07:39:30

Thanks for the response David.

When I had PowerDVD installed the computer just froze up and of course no
picture or sound. With WinDVD the movie would start to play with
occassional stutters and then the entire computer would freeze. In both
cases after ending the player task I'd get a message about not being able to
read the disc, which is strange because these are retail DVDs which play
fine on standalone DVD players and my DVD-ROM plays Audio & Data CDs just

I now only have Nero ShowTime installed. If I just insert a DVD I get a
Windows error "Windows can't find program.exe. This program is needed for
opening files of type Intervideo WinDVD 6" (but I don't have WinDVD
installed anymore). If I start ShowTime and then insert a DVD I get an
error "Internal error. Cannot build graph. The application may be
installed incorrectly".