OT: posting styles. Was: Please answer me.....

OT: posting styles. Was: Please answer me.....

Post by ~misfit » Sun, 14 Oct 2007 09:42:57

Somewhere on the interweb "Howard Goldstein" typed:

Yes. For sure the placement of text can effect how it's message is
percieved. In the same way as when you say something in a conversation, if
you interupt, or speak in an uninteruptable way. It's all part of the little
intricacies of interpreting "between the lines". The more text replaces
face-to-face talk the more important this becomes.

Hmm, I see an opportunity to make a few million dollars here. Collaborate
with a (mercenary) psychologist and write a book on how to be successful by
"correctly" composing email responses. Then market it to business folks.

I find that, in newsgroups, people tend to be quicker to take offence (than
in email). Bottom posting is, in a way, *** and less likely IME to
trigger a flame war. In email, (which I mainly use between friends and
family) I find it easier to top-post (or inter-post) for a couple reasons;
They know what they wrote so don't need it in context (except when I want to
address a particular statement). The other main reason is there is less
chance of causing offence with a person that you already know fairly well.
You have history that any momentary misunderstanding of meaning can fall
back on.

Yeah, there's a possible fortune in this stuff. Or at the least a good
psychology paper/thesis. <g>