are wombats good?

1. I am Not a Very Good Protester (I am running Build 5308 CTP again).

2. Am I good or am I bad?

Apologies if this question is off-topic for this group.

During the course of developing my asp pages I often have to look up
how to do certain things and do a bit of research in my books or this
amazing forum. Does this mean that I'm a "bad" programmer?

Should I "know" how to do almost everything, or do the pro's still
have to refer to their "sources" when they need to do something that
they haven't done very often before?

I understand that every asp programmer should (I hope!) know the
basics, such as what a response.redirect is and when to use it, but
what about the more advanced stuff?

I recently spent a bit of time looking up how to correctly loop
through a recordset (show 10 records on a page and have a 'Next' and
'Back' button at the bottom of the page).

Am I good or am I bad?


3. are wombats good?