Call for a test on the D865PBZ Intel motherboard.

Call for a test on the D865PBZ Intel motherboard.

Post by pepp » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:35:55

have a very strange problem with this motherboard and, while I'm
looking for the "official" Intel support I would like to try to get
some help on this newsgroup (I hope is the right one, otherwise,
please address me).

I'm using D875PBZ from September 2003 and, by now, I had 7 of this
mothers assembled, most of them with P4 2.80C.

I'm getting a very, very strange outlook. On 3 of this mothers I have
this situation. The operating system is Microsoft XP Professional,
with SP1a, and BIOS P22.

The problem arise when the Microsoft FAX Service is running on a modem
defined on the COM1 Serial port, without a modem attached or modem
turned off. Any modem device driver causes the same fault (the
defaullt Microsoft 57600 may be used).

The fault happen when the FAX Service is running, the modem is turned
off or no modem is attached on the serial COM1 port. The most simple
way to see the problem is (using an already formatted and verified
floppy) to use this couple of commands:

format a: /Q /U /Y
xcopy C:\WINDOWS\System32\mfc42.dll a: /Y

for a while (let me say ten times). You may obviously change the file
copied on the floppy with any file large enough (~1Mb).

After a "while" (from one to ten), the floppy "suddenly" stop to work.

You get the message the floppy is not ready and the floppy light
remain turned off. Sometime the Windows XP Event Viewer report that
the PLUGPLAYMANAGER see the "Legacy" peripherals (Floppy, Parallel and
Serial line) turned off.

On the first D875PBZ where I saw this problem (last January, BIOS
P18), I thaught to a damaged mother and I returned it to Intel. Infact
the new one coming back didn't have the problem (beside the OS
installed on the system disk was not changed at all).

But now ... I have 3 mothers in hand, practically identical ... two of
them present the problem ... the third doesn't present the problem ...
and ... the OS on the system disk is exactly the same ... I
personanlly cloned Windows XP Pro with Symantec Ghost.

I'm starting to think is some defective "component" Intel uses on this
mother ... look two of this mothers has a serial number difference of
87 ... the last four digits of the serial are 3012 (working) and 2925
(not working) ... both of them have the same revision number "AA

If the FAX service is turned off or a modem is really attached on the
serial port ... the problem disappear.

I cannot think can be a FAX service fault, otherwise the cloned OS
should have shared the same problem on different mothers. I'm just
thinking the problem arise "because" the FAX service is using the
serial port in some particular way, but, by now, I don't know any
simpler way to get the fault.

May I ask to other D875PBZ owners to run the same test on their

If you have Windows XP Pro running it should be quite easy to do (I'm
available to send other details if needed).

I know ... it is probably "my" fault ... I'm probably doing something
in the wrong way ... but, for what I see until now ... it can really
be a defective component in the D875PBZ ... or ... even worse ... on
the 875 Intel chipset.

If you have any clue about diagnosis this problem ... please contact
me to this e-mail address " XXXX@XXXXX.COM " (do not
reply to the official news e-mail address ... and remove the "-nospam"
protection string).

Thank for any help or advice, Regards, G. Vitillaro.

P.S. I already tried to "reduce" the machines

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Hi Nicolas,

I reviewed Rudolf Marek's patches a few days ago and my first comment
was along these lines:

I do indeed believe that the functions in lib/msr-on-cpu.c should be
improved to be suitable for our needs. Others are likely to need the
same feature. Library functions should really return the errors, and
leave it up to the caller to decide whether to ignore them or not,
rather than hiding them.

Could you possibly propose a separate patch fixing lib/msr-on-cpu.c (on
both i386 and x86_64) to reliably report the errors? I guess it's a
simple matter of changing the prototypes of the functions? If we can
get this upstream, this would make the integration of the coretemp
driver easier and faster.

Jean Delvare
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