Compare 2 computers vs. Dual Core

Compare 2 computers vs. Dual Core

Post by Clar » Sat, 06 May 2006 00:08:00

I find many times, since I have 2 computers, that I will let one do some
extended work, like video editing or downloading a large file, while I use
the other one for other things. Would I be able to do just about the same
thing if I used a dual core processor? Can the tasks be separated
sufficiently to make it seem like there are 2 computers?

If it does work like 2 computers, do you recommend having twice the memory
you would normally have in one computer? Anything else needed to make the 2
cores function as 2 separate computers?


Compare 2 computers vs. Dual Core

Post by archmag » Sat, 06 May 2006 08:47:01

I don't know if Premiere's core will use dual core, but I know that many of
its filters will.

The dedicated hard drive is much more important (and a goodly size memory
cache at the application level). I did that all the time on my home system,
prior to the most recent upgrade, and burning an ISO image (using Nero or
DVD Decrypter) from HD #2 or #3 was no problem at all. From ISOs, it's even
possible to burn two at once and still use IE or other light applications,
as long as the two source drives are separate.

FWIW, my old setup was:

HD1 - primary master (C:\ , K: (ISOS3))
HD2 - primary slave (later SATA) (D:\ (DATA), I:\ (ISOS1))
HD3 - SATA (E:\ (VIDEO), J:\ (ISOS2), L:\ (ISOS4))
DVD1 - (16x) secondary master
DVD2 - (8x) 1394 external
DVD3 - (rarely used) secondary slave

DVD1 and 3 were flakey trying to burn simultaneously at full speed for DVD1,
but could at 4x; DVD 1 + 2 could burn simultaneously at each their own full
speed from any pair of HD.

Occasionally got a few coasters when burning from J:\ and L:\ simultaneously
because I forgot they were on the same drive; also, burning from K: tended
to require not doing much of anything else on the system.

On my new system (P-D 940) it's now HD1-3 all SATA, and the 16x and 8x
drives both on the internal PATA channel. We'll see if they'll both burn at
full speed at the same time.

For burning DVD images from windows, one very handy thing is to create a
partition on each drive for images - I usually do 20 or 25gb - and then
format it with 64k blocks rather than the XP default. Then clear and
reformat them frequently, to avoid fragmentation.

Nate Edel

"What's the use of yearning for Elysian Fields when you know you can't get
'em, and would only let 'em out on building leases if you had 'em?" (WSG)


Compare 2 computers vs. Dual Core

Post by Clar » Sat, 06 May 2006 21:43:05

Thanks, good info. I don't intend being anywhere near as intensive as you,
but it looks like I should not have problems if I follow you suggestions. I
was thinking of a P d 940 since the price drop.