D850GB Memory Issues

D850GB Memory Issues

Post by gunmetal_w » Sat, 20 Nov 2004 05:01:44

I have an Intel D850GB motherboard with a 1.4GHz P4 and 128MB RAM. The
BIOS recognizes the RAM size, but when the computer boots, the memory
check only reaches 28MB and it'll give 4 beeps and attempts to boot.
The memory are in two 64MB modules. Can someone suggest how to isolate
the problem without having to go out and buy new RAM modules? I can't
test with just one because the motherboard won't even attempt to boot
without two modules. Is it possible that the problem is on the
motherboard or non-hardware related?

Thanks in advance.

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Couple of months ago I installed a brand new WD2000JB 200GB HDD on my
D850 board.
The board has the latest P18 BIOS from Intel
Installed WinXP SP2 and worked happily for a short period of time.
After a those couple of months the system started to take time to boot
- maybe 3 - 5 minutes in the "Intel" screen.
And then stopped booting completely.
I changed the board to another D850GB to keep it compatible with the
Already working OS.
Nothing helped.
I tried:
Normal and alternate configuration of the HDD while running FIXBOOT and
FIXMBR every time from the Recovery Console of WinXP SP2.
Changed cables.
Changed Power Supply

Still fails to boot .
With normal settings BIOS detects the HDD as 128GB (131072) not 200GB
With alternate settings that suppose to let Old boards boot from it
detects it as 34GB.
In both cases WinXP detects the HDD size properly.

Booting for a Knoppix DVD i can mount the HDD and get access to all
Testing the HDD on a newer machine succeeds - WinXP tries to boot and
gets to a BSOD due to hardware incompatability.

Both boards i own have the latest BIOS P18 installed.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Boris Ratner.

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