Drive Configuration Question

Drive Configuration Question

Post by Nigel » Fri, 18 Feb 2005 01:42:04

I'm planning on building a new system around an Intel 865 PERL motherboard.
The system will contain two hard drives, each in a removable rack tray.
Rack-1 will always contain a system drive, while rack-2 will also have a
system drive but sometimes a backup drive (each drive in its own removable
tray so the backup drive, and the secondary system drive, can be swapped).
Since the racks have a key switch to power on and off, I would like to
select a system by switching on just one of the racks, leaving the other
turned off. That way one user could use rack-1 for his system, while
another user could use rack 2 - completely independent systems.

Right now I'm leaning towards using the motherboard's two SATA channels for
this purpose. If possible, I would set the BIOS boot priority as follows:
DVD-ROM - SATA 1- SATA 2. That way if there's no bootable optical disc, it
will check for an active drive in rack-1, if that's turned off it will boot
from rack-2. My question is, will this work? I don't know if the 865PERL
can even boot-prioritize SATA drives. I like SATA because I think it will
be more forgiving if someone forgets to leave a rack turned off, or someone
pulls the drive out while powered on (since these racks are hot-swappable).
Then again, even the powered off drive will still be physically connected to
the SATA header, would that confuse the system?

My alternatives are to use PATA in a cable select configuration, hoping that
the PC can boot from a system drive connected as the slave. Or I can use an
external USB drive as the secondary system and have a boot priority of
DVD-ROM - SATA1 (or PATA) - USB When doing image backups both racks need to
be powered on, so I have to allow for that too. Any help is greatly

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I used a Table to drive the angular dimensions of 18 brackets... and saved
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It worked, so that is fine and good.

Now I want to make an Assembly with 18 configurations of that bracket, and
one PEM nut in the same place on each bracket...

What would be the "name of the part file configuration variable"
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The ultimate goal here it to have "1 Part file with 18 configurations"
(currently working) and "1 Assembly file with each of the 18 Part
Configurations" as part of the assembly file (not working)

NOTE: As mentioned before the bracket will also have a CLS (4-40) Pem
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I guess I am not smart enough for this problem... yet!

I cannot seem to find this in SW Help...

Thank you,

SW2007, SP4.0

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