FA: A pair of 3.06 GHz Xeons

FA: A pair of 3.06 GHz Xeons

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I've put a pair of Xeons on eBay


Although they are being sold as a pair, there is also a single Xeon on
there too.


So you can bid on one or a pair.

Dave K MCSE.

MCSE = Minefield Consultant and Solitaire Expert.

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Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.

It's been thought that I might try putting the server2003 on instead of
using XP pro because the server OS is built to handle multiple processors.
When that was mentioned, I thought XP also would handle multiple processors,
and thus the task manager showing 4 processors was proof enough.

Do you think tacking the server OS on instead of XP would make a difference,
or do you really think that 4 MB stream at 320X240 resolution is truly too
much of a bottleneck for a T.O.T.L. system. Everything is pretty much the
latest in this box.




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