How to install new SATA drives in RAID 0?

How to install new SATA drives in RAID 0?

Post by sdeyore » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 05:09:34

I'm building a new system. I just got 2 Maxtor SATA hard drives. I
will be installing WinXP as OS. Do I need to format and partion the
hard drives with the Maxtor-supplied CD before I start the XP/RAID 0
installation? Or will XP see that they're not formatted or partioned
and do it first before loading RAID drivers? ( I have RAID drivers on
floppy that came with mobo, Intel D865PERL). I plan not to partion
them, just one big C drive. (I have the CD-RWs already installed and
BIOS sees them).

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Why is no one dressing this issue? I have seen many places where this is
starting to be a hot topic. I did all the required checks and my system said
it was good to go. I can only intall Vista on a IDE Drive but not my SATA
Drive. IF I install on SATA it fails but if use the IDE with the SATA drives
attached it see and accesses the SATA drives just find.
It seems to be alot of finger pointing going on with no solution that fixes
all. What does XP have that Vista doesn't? And, Yes I have tried all of the
current recommended procedures to install VISTA with the updated drivers. NO
I do not have a GigaByte, or any of the current known failed systems just
cannot install to SATA.

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