ACER Travelmate c300 Tablet/Notebook Phonox BIOS

ACER Travelmate c300 Tablet/Notebook Phonox BIOS

Post by coli » Wed, 21 Sep 2005 03:39:07

Does anyone know if the BIOS on this machine is replaceable, I fried
the poriginal bios with the wrong update. Machine is now dead and
will not boot

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I recntly got an acer tablet pc and am very e *** d, but I am having a problem with the hard drive
It is FAT32 and the OS that is pre loaded takes up about 6gb and there is random files everywhere. I have used the supplied recovery disk but they are specific to ACER corp and will not let me do any partioning or change the file system type. They have used win98 boot up which cant change file types to NTFS. I just want a clean install of winxp tablet pc edition so I can partiton my drive, change the file type to NTFS and load all my acer extras w/ the recovery cds. Any suggestions ?

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