Compaq Evo N800v - Linux wireless, how?

Compaq Evo N800v - Linux wireless, how?

Post by Robt. Mill » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 02:19:12

I'm trying to get the W200 to work with SuSE 8.2 linux. It shows up in
the hardware list but doesn't initialize. What driver should I be
trying? There's a prism2_usb in lsmod but I don't know if that's for the
W200 or not and from what I found on the web it should be using the
orinoco_usb driver. Help, please!


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Unfortunate, i have a big problem with the laptop "compaq Evo n600c".

in the last year, i have seen about 5 laptop of this model , and
everytime this laptop doesn't work with the signal of my wireless network.

i put the wireless PCMCIA card and it works.

yesterday, i saw a person with this laptop he was another place and it
was working there.

why it doesn't work in my wireless network signal.
the Different between my wireless network and the place i saw this laptop
working wireless in it , is the first has linksys APs and the second has
d-link APs.

anyonr have any idea?

thanks alot

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