Sony Laptop Battery PCGA-BP71

Sony Laptop Battery PCGA-BP71

Post by Chri » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 21:14:31

Hi all, just a quick question i hope you will be able help me with...
i've had my battery for some time now, its always worked well, recently it
stopped working. after checking it with some monitoring software, the charge
rate is 0mw? the battery cells are totally empty. the laptop says its
charging, but it never does?

ideas/commants gratefully recieved.



Sony Laptop Battery PCGA-BP71

Post by Nite Ride » Thu, 21 Aug 2003 00:39:23

You could try sticking it in a bag and into the freezer and hope it revives
it. If not you might as well throw it out. My bp71a has been recharged about
30 times and it is already slipping in power according to some utilities.
Then again it may not be the battery at all but the laptop's charger. Sony
vaio's can work without their batteries, I know, I have one.