Contura 3/20 broken display adjustment

Contura 3/20 broken display adjustment

Post by jbir » Wed, 22 Sep 2004 16:37:02

I have a Compaq Contura 3/20 laptop that has a broken display
adjustment. I can no longer adjust it's brightness. The display is
always light. I wish to use the laptop without hooking it to an
external monitor. How can I fix it?

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2. Samsung 20" LCD vs Apple Cinema 20" LCD display?

I'm planning to get an LCD to use with my G4 dual 1 GHz Mac.
I've priced two models:

Apple Cinema 20" display ($1299)
Samsung SyncMaster 213T Silver 21" display ($1199)

What are the pros and cons of each of these models? Are
there any compelling problems with using the Samsung? It
appears to have better brightness (250 cd/m^2 vs 230 cd/m^2)
and contrast ratio (500:1 vs 350:1), but lacks USB ports for
mouse, keyboard etc.

I'm not sure about frame rate or its LCD equivalent. Also
the connector for digital video. What should I learn about

Also, the Samsung display can be rotated from a landscape to
a portrait orientation. Does anyone know if or how this is
supported on a Macintosh? Is a driver for Mac OS X furnished
with this display?


Bill Christens-Barry

Wm A Christens-Barry, PhD
Equipoise Imaging, LLC

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