Compaq Armada laptop won't work under battery power

Compaq Armada laptop won't work under battery power

Post by low_g_197 » Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:52:29

Hi All,

I am using a Compaq Armada e500 laptop at work and it occasioanlly
decides it's no longer going to run on battery power. The battery is
charging when the laptop is plugged in, and is recieving a full charge
(eventually the charging indicator goes off). I have also tested the
battery with a meter and it has a comparable charge on it as when it
was working. Also, the LEDs on the battery show it at 100%.

The laptop refuses to give any indication of power when disconnected
from the A/C adaptor, and if unplugged while running, will immediatley
cut off as though no power is reaching the unit from any source. The
symptoms also persist if using the alternate battery slot (removing
the floppy drive and inserting the battery there).

I did mention that this has been an intermittent problem, by which I
mean that it has occurred previously and then spontaneously started
working again about 3 weeks later.

I'm hoping to figure out a solution, or at least an explanation,
without having to buy a new battery pack for $100+ if possible.

Any input would be welcome.

Low Gee

Compaq Armada laptop won't work under battery power

Post by Cosmin N » Sun, 12 Sep 2004 15:35:22

My old Armada M700 had identical symptoms. It turned out to be a
defective batter. Compaq actually had a recall on those batteries, so I
received my replacement free of charge. But since yours is a different
model, I can't say if the same applies to your laptop.