Acer C113 tablet PC - memory upgrade

Acer C113 tablet PC - memory upgrade

Post by paul » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 23:07:49


I wonder if anyone out there has the definitive gen on the installed and
maximum memory limits for this little tablet PC (now discontinued I have
just found out)?

Mine has 512MB installed. The manual claims it is upgradeable to 2GB.
Kingston Memory agrees and offers to sell me any combination up to 1GB
SODIMMS. Crucial however say the max is 1GB and offers nothing bigger than
512 MB.

Some stuff on the usenet suggests that the figures are lower than quoted by
Acer - but these were old messages referring to the original C100 series.

I have had a poke around and I can only find one user-accessible memory
socket, which has a 256K SODIMM in it. There is another one but I assume its
hidden away on the mobo somewhere. If that one is 256MB, it seems to me to
be logical that the max memory for this unit is 1256MB, if I can put a 1GB
SODIMM in the accessible socket.

Have I got this right? Can I use the max module size in the accessible
socket? Am I right in thinking that Acer are quoting the theoretical maximum
of 2GB but only if they factory install a bigger SODIMM on the mobo?

Advice gratefully received. I have asked Acer Support but I am not holding
my breath for the reply.