Battery problem on IBM T22 Type 2647

Battery problem on IBM T22 Type 2647

Post by F4DU » Mon, 17 Oct 2005 08:14:22

Hi All,

I noticed a problem of losses of capacity, i.e., if the recommendation of
IBM is applied, to discharge then to reload three times the accumulator.

I noticed that at the end of each complete cycle, there are 20 percent of
loss compared with the preceding capacity.

38,88 Watts ----------------> End of Cycle N ---------->> 31,10
New power value after cycle1 31,10 Watts ------->>End of Cycle N 24,88
New power value after cycle2 24,88 Watts ------>->End of Cycle N 19,91
New power value after cycle3 19,91 Watts ----->-->End of Cycle N 15,93
New power value after cycle4 15,93 Watts ---->--->End of Cycle N 12,74

The last value is 12,74 Watts, and I do not dare any more to carry out other
cycles because the capacity still will decrease.

I learned that these battery contain an intelligent logical circuit, Or this
circuit is bugged, or it is to oblige to buy new batteries which are very

I have to use the function rundown diskettes of maintenance IBM, which is
supposed according to IBM recalibrate the battery.

But the discounted effect is contrary with that announced by IBM.

Exist there a utility which makes it possible to carry out a reset of the
circuitery of the battery ?

Moreover if I want to have full speed, i.e. 900Mhz, I'm obliged to have a
battery in good condition inside the computer, if I connect the computer
without the battery the computer, remains blocked on 700Mhz Speed.
Is there average to obtain 900Mhz while being to connect with the
transformer ?

It should be noted that I have a HP omnibook which contains a battery which
holds 45 more Minutes, and this battery is first battery, but it
does not contain an internal electronic circuit. No problem with that
computer battery, within sight of its age

Sorry for my English, not my native langage !

Thank you in advance for possible assistances