MDI Default Icon

MDI Default Icon

Post by backwards1 » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 07:07:42

When my MDI child loads maximized it displays default Microsoft icon
even if there is a custom icon assigned to form already. If I do
minimize/maximize then it comes with my custom icon. Does anybody
how to fix it?

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i need a nother mdi layer! My Mainframe is derived from mdiParentFrame.
It contains a mdiChildFrame child1.

Now i want to be this child another mdi parent! But i cant figure out how.
If i just want to add a mdiChildFrame child2 to child1.

Is this even possible?

it complains while when i want to create child2 (cannont convert form
childframe* to parentfrafe*)
make the chil1 a mdiParentFrame didnt work either?

regards, Tobi

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