Strange movement in hosted form in form

Strange movement in hosted form in form

Post by Lloyd Shee » Tue, 18 May 2004 22:56:58

I have the following situation:

Need a user resizable user control. After much trying with user control I
came across the idea of hosting the controls in a form marked as not
TopLevel = false. This work fine for most cases, allowing the user to
resize the form (and controls within the form.

The forms them selves are create dynamically when the user drags a node from
a listview to a panel (contained in a Usercontrol which is hosted by the
main form. The location of the from once dropped is at the point where the
mouse was when the control was dropped.

The form itsself hosts a top panel with a label and text box (docked top),
and a CheckListBox docked Fill. Now all the above works fine. The Panel
upon which the controls are dropped is marked as AutoScroll true. Dropping
the "Forms" on the control seems to set the AutoScollMinSize correctly. I
can move the "Forms" around on the Panel and the scrollbars respond to that

Now the problem:
If I drop the form such that the entire CheckListBox does not show, and then
attempt to click one of the list items (CheckListBox is CheckOnClick = True)
the form will jump on the panel to attempt to show the entire CheckListBox,
the item checked will be incorrect.

If I move the dropped form with the mouse horizontal (CheckListBox is still
not entirely visible) this will sometimes stop the auto move (not from my
code) but not always. If I enter text into the TextBox there is no weird

I will put the call stacks in a response to this message so that only people
who are interested will have to download them.

Lloyd Sheen

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