ComboBox SuggestAppend not picking correct item

ComboBox SuggestAppend not picking correct item

Post by Piete » Thu, 06 Dec 2007 18:31:39


The situation: .NET 2.0, Windows Forms: A comboBox with AutoCompleteMode =

The problem: When you click on the little triangle on the right of the
ComboBox to show the ListItems, and than you enter a letter in the
Textbox-part of the ComboBox, the Suggest-list will apear. But: You can't
select an item of the Suggest-list! If you click on it, it picks the
underlying value in the ListItems....

The Suggest-list seems to work fine if you don't 'opn' the ComboBox, this
annoying behaviour happens only when the user clicked on it before to see
the ListItems.

Anybody has any idea how to fix this?

Thansk a lot in advance,


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what code calls userform(5)? code in combo box?
if so then you might be able to use a little trick i have use in the past.
put a small text box on the main form, hidden so that the user can't see it.
then have the combo box code put it's id number in the hidden text box.
the code in commandbutton1 can then do a select case based on what id number
is in the hidden textbox.
there may be other ways but i have used this trick before and it works.


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