Inconsistent image behavior in a Winforms app.

Inconsistent image behavior in a Winforms app.

Post by Qi4gQ2hlcm » Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:58:03

I'm writing a Winforms app in Dot Net 2.0. I created a few PNG images for
use as button images in order to liven up appearances a bit. I thought I had
given the images a transparent background using Paint.Net and they display
correctly on my own computer (a lenovo T60p laptop). However when the app is
run on another computer (A Dell desktop with a flat monitor, if I remember
correctly) the images have a white background. (The actual button background
color is the system default grey. I have not changed that.)

Am I forgetting some setting?


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Hi folks. I don't if this is the fault of word or the fault or RoboHelp X5
which I am also using, but I am getting inconsistent behavior when trying to
transfer data from Word to RoboHelp...

I only need to updata a minor portion of a RoboHelp project from a User
Manual written in Word so I am reluctant to attempt an import. So I
attempted a copy and paste. The strange thing was that some images copied
and pasted without problems. while other images would not paste in
Robohelp. I don't understand why except that perhaps the underlying image
format may not be one that is allowed in the Robohelp HTML format.

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