Clearing selection in DataGridView when user clicks outside the DataGridView control

Clearing selection in DataGridView when user clicks outside the DataGridView control

Post by djyako » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 03:38:50

Dear All,

What is the best way to clear selection in the DataGrid/DataGridView
when the user clicks outside the control? For example, user clicks
inside the DataGridView, selects entire row, then clicks outside the
DataGridView to clear the selection. What events can I monitor, and
what is the best approach to solving this problem? I also want to
clear the selection if user clicks on the whitespace caused by setting
DockStyle to Fill.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I am totally stuck.


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Hello all,

I want to display the number of items in an datagridview. I use this
one datagridview for different datasets.

The datagridview.Rowcount works fine for the most of the dataset. But
there is one dataset which has more items
than the others and the Rowcount wont work. The result is all the time
0, but it should be something like 85.

// Datsource
this.dataGridView1.DataSource = this.REMINDERBindingSource;

// Display number of items
lbl_row.Text = dataGridView1.RowCount.ToString();
MessageBox.Show(this, dataGridView1.Rows.Count.ToString());

Has somebody an Idea? Thanks in advance.


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