Intel + Mac = PC? Does AMD + PC != PC?

Intel + Mac = PC? Does AMD + PC != PC?

Post by 245-Trioxi » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 14:24:28

I see this has popped up occasionally and I just wanted to get a clear
view of what people were talking about when they were suggesting Macs
are no longer Macs.

It seems a great deal of this is a result of Apple's switch to intel
processors. Is that the only thing that people are basing this
statement on? Is it the fact that with Apple's Bootcamp software you
can duel boot to XP?

If either of those are the case, what about the following:

PCs don't necessarily all have intel processors. If a PC is built
around an AMD processor, does it cease to be a PC?

A PC doesn't have to run Windows. Linux and Unix could be loaded. If
a PC runs one of those instead of Windows, does it cease to be a PC?
What if you have Windows on one partition and Linux on another? What
if you have two Linux or two Unix or some combination of OSes
duel-booting on one PC - since it's not running Windows - is it a PC?

I personally don't care if a Mac is called a PC. My personal problem
is with Microsoft and has nothing to do with PC hardware. I'm just
trying to figure out where people are coming from on this.

My personal opinion is (it should be obvious) that Macs are not PCs.
Again - I don't have some irrational, bias feeding it as I've already
stated that I don't have a problem w/ PCs. I just only see those two
arguments presented and I don't agree that the processor makes the
platform or that the OS makes the platform.

Intel + Mac = PC? Does AMD + PC != PC?

Post by John C. Ra » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 15:25:02

On 2006-10-20 22:24:28 -0700, 245-Trioxin < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > said:

They're not "suggesting" anything, they're just trolling. A Mac is a
Mac, whether it has a Motorola 68000, a PPC, or an Intel Core processor.



Intel + Mac = PC? Does AMD + PC != PC?

Post by me4 » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 19:30:02

Here we go again...

The Mac (brand) has always been a PC (type), but not part of the PC
(platform). The Mac (brand) of today however, is obviously still a Mac
(brand), because that's what Apple calls its PCs (type). But these Macs
(brand) of today has converged so closely to the PC (platform), it could
easily be argued they are now part of that platform, and not a platform
by itself.

So in summary, the Mac (brand) has always been a Mac (brand), and always
will be a Mac (brand), but not a Mac (platform) any longer. They are
however PCs (platform), unlike when they were Macs (platform), despite
the fact that they've always been PCs (type). See? Simple! <ahem>

So, Edwin et al's trolling can have elements of truth and nonsense in
equal measures, just so long as the context remains ambiguous. And most
amusing it is too to observe when certain individuals rise to it all. I
guess that's the game being played out, as is the csma tradition. ;-p

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Intel + Mac = PC? Does AMD + PC != PC?

Post by nospa » Mon, 23 Oct 2006 09:55:26

They aren't coming from anywhere. As I've pointed out before in this NG,
Apple decide what is and is not a mac, and nobody other than the trolls
give a shit what PC means. I think it stands for personal computer. It
may stand for Pile of *** though. I think the purpose of the trolls
here (if they are capable of something that focussed) is to imply that
macs are no different from other Personal Computers now, but then if
that's the case, what the *** are they writing about it for?