More brain thrash... (was It's inevitable...

More brain thrash... (was It's inevitable...

Post by Alan Bake » Thu, 29 Nov 2007 02:47:54

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Seriously, Edwin: seek professional help.

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2. Apache 2 thrashing, thrashing

Hi - sorry for the newbie question as I'm sure it is :(

I just installed Apache 2 on WinXP.. during install I selected 'run
only when started on port 8080' because I don't like to have it
running all the time, it's just for design/test purposes, and I later
changed the port to 80 in http.conf... but ah...

When I start it in the console, it just thrashes the hard disk
endlessly. I've had it open for about 10 minutes now and my HD
activity light has been on constantly. Tried this a couple times,
opened, waited a while then closed and tried again with same results.
Nothing in the console window, not even the 'Apache v.xx running...'
like I used to remember with 1.x (which is gone now from a reformat).
And I can't connect to the server through a web browser either... just
times out.

My system resources should be quite sufficient, I have 700mb+ RAM and
a 1.5ghz Athlon.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..


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