MacDaniel is a hypocrite - just like all religious fanatics (was: Macs no longer overpriced - InfoWorld)

MacDaniel is a hypocrite - just like all religious fanatics (was: Macs no longer overpriced - InfoWorld)

Post by George Gra » Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:00:44

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MacDaniel. Thank you for proving once again what I've long known. Every
religious fanatic that I've ever met has been a hypocrite, and you have
just proven that you fit the mold perfectly.

Imagine, somebody who professes to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings
with every fiber in his body, a guy who will drop scripture into a
conversation like the rest of us use nouns and verbs, actually admits to
HATING someone that they have encountered on the internet. MacDaniel
says that he HATES Snit - a man he has never met, and knows little or
nothing about. While most will acknowledge that Snit is a trying
character, and one who's online personality is truly abrasive and
unpleasant, HATE is a pretty strong emotion for so casual a
relationship. There are many people on this forum whose personalities I
find unpleasant (and possibly many more who find mine doubly so) and
whom I do not wish to engage, and they are in my kill file. But I don't
HATE these people and I'm an atheist fer Crissake! Yet the Holy Mr.
MacDaniel, the dispenser of God's Love, actually says that he hates
somebody that he doesn't even know. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.
And people ask me why I don't trust holy-rolling Christians. Well, this
is one reason. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

George Graves
The health of our society is a direct result of the men
and women we choose to admire.

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