Online Marketing Details for SEO SEM E-Marketing

Online Marketing Details for SEO SEM E-Marketing

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No, just like large disk farms have been replaced by either larger
disks or disk arrays which use much less space, blades can be used by
any size organization to reduce the amount of space needed by the same
number of regular servers. And the space needed for possible expansion
is greatly reduced or eliminated.

Consider a small shop with a 3 node cluster of ES40/45 style Alpha
servers. Those three machine can all fit in one rack and at least
another rack is needed for storage. If another ES style alpha server
is needed for expansion, another rack is needed, but there may not be
room to fit it so they do without. Now consider replacing the 3
original machines with a c7000 blade enclosure and 3 blades -- leaving
5 empty slots. That fits in the space of one ES40/45 Alpha Server and
you have room left over in the rack, maybe enough for all of the
storage needs. Now when expansion is needed, just buy another blade
and insert into the same enclosure. No need to find space for another
rack. Even small shops can see the savings in that scenario.


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