Quicktime problem: video delay when movie starts

Quicktime problem: video delay when movie starts

Post by Duma » Sun, 28 May 2006 11:59:12

I recently upgraded my G4 Digital Audio processsor from 533 Ghz to 1.5
Ghz (OWC Mercury Extreme G4) from Other World Computing. I am running
OS 9.2.2.

Now every .mpg movie that I open in Quicktime 6.0.3 has a delay of 4
seconds before the video kicks in. Audio begins as soon as the movie is
played, however.

There is also a delay if I drag the slider to fast forward a movie
before the video catches up.

Strangely enough, .avi files play fine without any delay at all.

All files are directly playing from my internal hard drives and the
problem repeats itself regardles of which hard drive I open the .mpg

Any help on this issue would certainly be appreciated!

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