New Software Tool Aids Graphic Designers When Trying to Match the 'Perfect' Font

New Software Tool Aids Graphic Designers When Trying to Match the 'Perfect' Font

Post by eros » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 06:37:21

(JACKSONVILLE, FL) - A new software program developed by a
Jacksonville company will save graphic designers both time and money
when tackling re-design projects, particularly those involving
hard-to-identify fonts.

Searching for a specific font used to take hours for graphic designers,
but now can take only minutes with a new software tool called

Developed by Stretched Out Software, FontMatchsearches the computer
hard drive to electronically identify the supplied character.
FontMatcheliminates having to manually search through all of the
fonts installed on your computer visually.

"When I worked in the printing industry, customers would bring in
their business cards to buy new ones and it became very time-consuming
trying to match the fonts on their card to what font we had available
on our computers," said Greg O'Lone, president of Stretched Out
Software. "FontMatchtakes away the need to hand-match fonts
because it compares a scan of the font to the ones on your computer."

For example, a customer comes to your design center needing new
business cards, but does not have access to the original design files.
They want to keep their company's image consistent by using the same
letter styles employed previously. Occasionally the customer does not
know which fonts were used in the original design.

"We had a job saved as outlines and had to add text. No one knew what
the type was originally, so we did a screen shot and saved it as a
jpeg," said Denise McDonald, a graphic designer at Lithographic
Services, Inc, based in Jacksonville, FL who tested a beta version of
the software. "It was an unusual font too, Bradley Hand. [FontMatch]
really worked great."

If FontMatchdoes not identify the font completely, it will provide
a list of fonts that most closely match the desired font.

FontMatchwill work on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows platforms. The
software is available for purchase from for
$49.95, and for a limited time, there is a special price of $39.95.

About Stretched Out Software: Founded in 1999, Stretched Out Software
brings together a wide range of technology and multimedia design
expertise to provide businesses with products and services such as
workflow management tools and interactive multimedia products.
Stretched Out Software is also the developer of the AirCard 555 Driver
for Mac OS X. It is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Learn more
on the Web at or call (866)767-9327.