OS X application to integrate SIP phone with address book [VoIP, SIP, SIP INVITE]

OS X application to integrate SIP phone with address book [VoIP, SIP, SIP INVITE]

Post by seasid » Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:14:40

Does someone know of a - probably small application - which allows to
prepare CALL from within OS X AB to be send to my VoIP phone?

I suppose, it would send SIP INVITE to my provider. Then the near and
the far side should ring.

If it does not integrate with AB, but is useable as an external application,
would be fine as well.


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Hi Group

We try to connect internal sip phones to a provider on an outside
provider. I play arround with the inspect sip.

When inspect sip is set, a can do an outgoing call, but when i call
this phone, it rings, i pick it up, but i can't hear the other end.
With no inspect sip, it's vice versa.

Just for trying, i give an "access-list like access-list
outside_access_in extended permit ip any any", but nothing change.

I found some hints with a STUN Server, but my provider does't have
STUN Servers.

Any idea, where i must looking for the right way?


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