does not fetch mail does not fetch mail

Post by Eric Raine » Tue, 27 Jan 2004 07:42:28


For the last four days has refused to fetch any mail from my
pop account. As far as I know, I have made no changes to my system or
the mail app. I know I have new mail because I can access my mail via
pine on the shell account at the isp.

Mail tries, it logs on, checks password successfully, then spends a
little too long on "checking for messages" and finds none.

I've not tried any other methods of checking my email as none of the
mailers I have around seem to support ssl.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Eric does not fetch mail

Post by zipp » Tue, 27 Jan 2004 10:21:35

In article <250120041742285724% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Eric Rainey

Same thing's been happening with my version of, v. 1.2.5.
Problems started a few days ago when checking my DotMac account. The
mailbox soon went dim. Under the Mailbox Menu, I noticed the DotMac
account was Offline. Restoring it to Online status. That worked for a
day or two. (OSX 10.2.6)

Very soon, my other POP account under Mail went bad, neither sending or
receiving messages. I composed a couple of emails that have been trying
to go out for a day or two. I get annoying pop-up windows from Mail
either asking for my POP account password or suggesting I try another
SMTP server. Just now, oddly enough, I clicked OK to try to send them
out on my cable server's address and "they're gone".

I fired up an older version of Eudora (v. 4.3) ad it works fine, on
both accounts.

This inability to send or receive mail and the worthless popup windows
are exactly the problems I had with the earlier version of
(that came with the iBook) that make it totally worthless. When I
upgraded to Jaguar, the new, v. 1.2.5 solved those
problems..., for about a year. Now, the problems are back. (Actually, I
lost some mailboxes with the earlier verison of Mail.)

Keychain has been mentioned as a suspect.

-te- does not fetch mail

Post by Mange » Sat, 31 Jan 2004 13:46:07


Me too. Basically the pop mail server rejects your log-in for some reason
- either you're already logged into and checking msgs (ICQ's mail
check/Another computer etc) - Mail doesn't treat this as it should - and
try again - instead it assumes your password is incorrect - and annoyingly
prompts you the re-enter it. If you hit cancel it takes that account
offline :(

Sometimes when sending mail Panther behaves badly too.. if you're
d/loading something or listening to streaming audio or something else
Panther seems to lets it hog all your bandwidth - and "loses" the DNS
lookup needed to find your Mail server...

Either way - there's still a few issues I have with Mail.. and they've
been arround for a while.

Mangee (at mangee dot net dot nz)
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