Windows Service -> Stop immediately stops service, despite Request

Windows Service -> Stop immediately stops service, despite Request

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In NET 2.0 onwards you can invoke the ServiceBase.RequestAdditionalTime
method within your OnStop handler. (vs.80).aspx

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2. Remote Control Client Agent service problem - Service will start but immediately stops

Recently, many of my SMS clients are failing to establish Remote Control

I discovered the Clients Remote Control Service is set to start
Automatically but the service is not actually running on the problem

If I manually start the service, I promptly get a message that the service
started and then stopped. It says that some services normally stop when
they don't have anything to do.

I coudln't find anything in Technet that describes this problem.

Im stumped on this one. Machines that are working appear identical to the
machines that can't run the service. All permissions are the same.
Repairing, removing and reinstalling the client agents doesn't seem to help.

Are there any parameters for Wuser32 to force it to stay started?


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