TCPListener and Windows service

TCPListener and Windows service

Post by RG9yY » Sun, 23 May 2004 19:16:04

Hi All

I have a scenario

The server can dial into the client for several task
1. To fetch several rows from 2 or 3 tables - I plan to zip the files and send it across the network; to increase performance, instead of row-by-row update on the serve
2. To execute a remote application on the client and fetch data returned by the client application to the serve
3. To transfer some files to the client which would be either stored on the client's hard disk, or execute an application and pass the file to the remote applicatio
4. To update sql data on the client databas

My initial design was to make four TCPlistener exes listening to 4 ports and appropriately make the listeners to the appropriate jobs depending on the port that receives data

Is it possible for me to have just one windows service to be running on the client, and depending on the parameter sent from the server, do one of the four options stated above

Please advise

TCPListener and Windows service

Post by Eric Marve » Mon, 24 May 2004 02:45:36

Absolutly. Thats the way you should go.

Twice today I am refering the same book:

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I highly recommend picking up Ingo Rammer's book on remoting. Its a few
hundred pages written by the master of remoting. His book is in either:




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TCPListener and Windows service

Post by RG9yY » Tue, 25 May 2004 20:56:05

Thanks for the response

I have another question related to my earlier post

My idea was to dial into the client with parameters. How can I dial in with paramters? Could you please give me an example?