Visual Studio 2003 and .NET framework 2.0

Visual Studio 2003 and .NET framework 2.0

Post by PromisedOy » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 12:24:00

Is there anyway I can debug a program that is compiled under Visual
Studio 2003 but runs using .NET framework 2.0.

The reason I ask is that we are experiencing issues with .NET framework
2.0 but we are not ready to install Visual Studio 2005 just yet.

The same code/infrastructure runs under .NET framework 1.1 but not .NET
framework 2.0.

One of the issues is with field level tooltips. They do not appear with
2.0 of the framework.

Visual Studio 2003 and .NET framework 2.0

Post by Gregory A. » Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:58:54

No. And, it gets even trickier. In the 1.x timeframe, the SDK shipped with
the core de *** and a few others tools that are no longer in the SDK

Under the Common7/Packages directory (with even an Express install), you
have the de *** bits for the IDE, but that would require developing your
own tool.

I would bite the bullet on one machine and have that machine set up as your
2005 debug environment. It is much easier than dancing around trying to
figure out what went wrong.

Gregory A. Beamer

Think Outside the Box!


Visual Studio 2003 and .NET framework 2.0

Post by Ilya Tuman » Thu, 24 Nov 2005 04:45:26

No, you can not. But you can attach to V1 EXE running under V2 using VS 2005
de *** .
You can also use command line de *** s (cordbg.exe or mdbg.exe), they come
with SDK.

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