Using dynamic ports (port 0) in TcpListener; how to configure port ranges?

Using dynamic ports (port 0) in TcpListener; how to configure port ranges?

Post by Tligh » Tue, 14 Dec 2004 08:29:47

Hi. I've created a .net service to transfer files from and to a server
from a client. When a file is transferred, the server opens a dynamic
port by suppling port 0 to the TcpListener it's created and then
communicates this port to the client so that the client knows how to
connect (much like passive ftp transfers).

Now when a sysadmin uses this service, is there any way he can control
which port ranges the .net framework or the underlying service provider
(and which provider is that?) uses?

Or is there a better way to get a dynamic port number using the .net

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I have a question relating to a DCOM client connection to a server.

The scenario is as follows. The server is behind a firewall.
The server brokers a connection using port 135.

The firewall configuration allows all ports out to be open, but only
selected incoming ports. Incoming port 135 has been configured to be
open on the firewall.
The client connects to the server via a random port. With the above
configuration, the client is unable to connect through the firewall.

Is there a way of configuring the port that the client uses to stop it
connecting via a random port?? I would like to configure the client to
use 1 (or a small range) of ports only.

any advice would be much appreciated

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