Press Release (TierDeveloper V 3.0 Patch Released)

Press Release (TierDeveloper V 3.0 Patch Released)

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ress Release
For immediate Release
April 14, 2004

Media Contact:
Iqbal M.Khan,
Director Sales and Marketing
Phone: 925-551-8070(101)
FAX: 510-217-3602
TierDeveloper V 3.0 Patch Released

San Ramon, California - April 14, 2004 - AlachiSoft is pleased to announce the Patch Release for TierDeveloper 3.0. TierDeveloper is an object-to-relational mapping and code generation tool that helps developers cut down their middle-tier development time and cost. Map middle-tier objects to relational tables, embed powerful SQL including queries and stored procedure calls, and instantly generate fully-functional .NET components (VB.NET and C#) from within Visual Studio .NET 2003. Also generate an ASP.NET web application to test these objects.
Latest Patch Release addresses one of the customer key demands. Now you can generate code against your own custom database during the evaluation stage. Tierdeveloper 3.0 is further optimized for Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. Take advantage of our special offer, buy version 3.0 at DISCOUNTED price and get a free upgrade to version 4.0 (due by the end of May, 2004).
TierDeveloper 3.0 includes full integration support for Microsoft VS.Net 2003. Developers can now create and open TierDeveloper projects within VS.NET, and Map data objects to tables along with custom attribute selection. Specify hooks, web services, multiple database connections, and parent/child relationships.

Technologies supported by TierDeveloper include:

Microsoft .NET Framework-based components
Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET
Microsoft ADO.NET (database access through OLEDB and Managed Providers for SQL Server 2000, Oracle and DB2)
Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications
Web services

Additionally, TierDeveloper supports the following leading database servers:

Microsoft SQL Server

TierDeveloper allows customers to lower significantly their development cost and maximize productivity within their current projects. Customers can develop software applications in much less time, without requiring as many resources which are essential in these difficult economic times when everyone is cutting back their budgets and is being forced to postpone and/or cancel important projects. Now, customers can develop their business-critical projects without having to increase their budgets.

TierDeveloper also helps customers improve the quality of their applications. This is because all the code that TierDeveloper generates is based on pre-tested code-templates. These code-templates have been tested for both functionality and performance. The result of all this is a much higher quality application for our customers.

Pricing and Availability

TierDeveloper has a 30-day evaluation version available on the AlachiSoft website. We have reduced our prices for a limited time, details available on our website. NO RUNTIME FEES, NO SERVER-CPU FEES, and NO DEPLOYMENT FEES charged by TierDeveloper. Customers only pay for developer licenses.

About AlachiSoft

AlachiSoft, a California based company, is in the business of providing Software Development Productivity Tools. And, the first tool in this line is TierDeveloper, which helps developers of Enterprise Applications cut down their development time through object-to-relational mapping and code generating capabilities of TierDeveloper. TierDeveloper has been designed to become a Rapid Application Development