Select Data Source Dialog - Odbc

Select Data Source Dialog - Odbc

Post by QWJoaXNoZW » Fri, 25 Aug 2006 23:19:02


I am creating my own customize ODBC dialog box (in Vb.NET) just like as we
have when we run MSDASC-> DataLinks -> Prompt New(). To acheive this I am
using Odbc32.dll and Odbccp32.dll by this I can create DSN by using
SQLCreateDataSource and can fetch the name of the available DSN but I am
facing problem in case of Build Connection StringIn the standard DataLink
window when we click on the Build button it will open a dialog from where
user can choose there DSN or can create a new oneand after the completion
of this operation it returns a connection string that became visible in
connection string text box of the Datalink window... the same functionality I
want from my code.

If any one knows which API method should I need to call here or what will be
the process for getting the same. It will be very very helpful to me.