Civ 3:Conquest for the Mac?

Civ 3:Conquest for the Mac?

Post by bhardy196 » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 08:12:55

I haven't seen it in the coming games boards for either macgamer, Fraxis nor Anyone know if/when this baby's coming for OS X?

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I've been following some of the discussions
here for the last couple months. I have greatly
enjoyed the Civilization series and it looks like
Civ IV will be a lot of fun. I went to and
found they are selling "Sid Meier's Civilization IV"

for $38.99, but there is also a "Sid Meier's
Civilization IV Speical Edition"

for $129.95. The only difference seems to be
that the $130 version allows multi-player games. Is
that true? Is there some other difference between the
basic and the Special Edition?


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